Countertop Solutions

Our countertop terminals feature everything needed to easily and securely process payments—including EMV chip cards. They support a full range of payment types including credit, debit, and EBT, and are compliant with the latest PCI data security standards. EMV and advanced security combine to help protect your customers from fraud, and protect your business from the EMV liability shift.

We offer a choice of terminals from leading manufacturers so that you can select the device that is best aligned with your business and your budget.

Simple to Use

  • Lightweight and ergonomically engineered to be comfortably passed and held for simple and secure card, data and PIN entry
  • Cable management features that reduce countertop clutter and makes installation a breeze
  • High-speed internet connection (with dial-up backup) allows you to complete customer transactions quickly

Wireless Solution

Our all-in-one wireless terminal features everything you need to process payments easily and securely, wherever you are.

Today’s consumers demand the convenience of electronic payments everywhere they go. Our powerful wireless terminal is ready to take payments anytime and anywhere. It supports a full range of payment types including credit, debit, and EBT, and meets the most stringent data security standards. Plus, it supports secure EMV chip cards, which help protect you and your customers from counterfeit card fraud. It’s a sleek and reliable solution for your business, backed by security you can count on.

The device features a full color display. Accessories include a car charger, spare battery and carrying case.

Payment Acceptance on the Move

  • Small, lightweight and reliable, making it simple to use anywhere
  • Intuitive color interface simplifies training, reduces clerk errors and improves the customer experience
  • Fast 3G wireless technology and long battery life combine for maximum uptime
  • Meets latest PCI Compliance security standards